Dr. Natalie Mitlyansky

Chiropractor, Naturopath

At Holistic Chiropractic we offer a wide variety of services to heal and vitalize the body. Services include Gentle Body Adjustments, using Koren Specific technique (KST), NAET-Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique (for the treatment of food, seasonal, environmental allergies), Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) – (A testing method used to determine the body’s dietary deficiencies ), developing individual nutritional programs for each patient consisted of whole food supplements, NET ( Neuro-Emotional Technique)- with a goal to identify and release old negative emotions kept by the body for long period of time.
I am Functional Medicine Practitioner, so I use alternative laboratories, such as Genova Diagnostic, to determine the cause of the patient’s condition and correct it with whole food supplementation, life style modification and stress management.

We specialize in understanding and treating the whole person. When needed, we employ ultrasound and EMS to treat muscular-skeletal conditions. We also recommend Homeopathy to treat a variety of health challenges and use a highly effective non-needle acupuncture (it utilizes a gentle electrical pulse) which is greatly appreciated by our patients.