Dr. Michele Doucette


I have been studying human health and well-being for almost 40 years, and I am happy to report I still have more questions than answers! The mysterious capacity of human beings to express life, to heal, to grow, to awaken, and to evolve completely fascinates me. Using my hands, my heart, and my mind to facilitate healing is a true privilege and I am grateful for every patient and every student I have the opportunity to work with.

I began my higher education with a degree in biochemistry. While working in the field of medical diagnostic research and development, I looked into a test tube one day and realized I would not find the answers to my queries about life and humanity therein. I had to work with actual people, their bodies, minds, and spirits. Studying chiropractic at Los Angeles College of Chiropractic gave me an excellent medical education, and the skills to amplify the natural healing ability of the body through spinal evaluation and adjustment. I augmented that education with specialized training in the Gonstead Chiropractic Technique which involves in-depth bio-mechanical analysis and specific, directional adjusting techniques for optimum effectiveness and efficiency of healing.

I started my chiropractic practice in 1990 and soon thereafter began to study Zero Balancing as well. Zero Balancing is a unique, hands-on, bodywork system of healing. It combines the Western view of medicine and science from the field of osteopathy with Eastern concepts of energy and healing from the field of acupuncture. ZB affects the whole person (body, mind, and spirit) by providing both structural therapy and energy medicine simultaneously, and thereby accessing the body’s “interoceptive” mechanism of conscious awareness, self-referencing, and physical, as well as psychoemotional, resilience. It is life changing for patient and practitioner.

One of my strongest passions is teaching Zero Balancing to other healthcare providers and anyone who wants to learn about the power of conscious touch and energy medicine. I am on the faculty of the Zero Balancing Health Association and teach classes internationally.