Dr. Mark Miller


Dr. Mark Miller subscribes to the belief that healing comes from with-in and that ultimately, “the condition of a person’s structure dictates how well his or her body will function and feel.” Dr. Miller, as your experienced chiropractor, has cared for thousands of patients ranging in age from just hours old to over 98 years of age. His knowledge, compassion, and experience have resulted in a high percentage of success with both chronic complaints and the treatment of recent injuries.

Dr. Miller coaches his patients through the process of regaining their health by taking a special interest in each and every one of them. “Education is very important when working to restore a patient’s health” Practice members are taught that healing and health come FROM you, rather than TO you.

The basic premise is that the body is a self healing, and self regulating organism. When there is an interference with the bodies ability to maintain and heal itself, pain, and ill health are the result. Dr. Miller works to find that interference, remove it, and allow the body to return to health.

Dr. Mark A. Miller is native to this area as he was born and raised in Rochester, Michigan. He attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa and then received further training and earned his doctorate degree from Life University in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition he has accumulated over 100 hours of continuing education specializing in general care, geriatric and pediatric care.

He has also actively donated his time to the Warren/Macomb EMS and fire department back safety program as well as numerous senior organizations for the good of our community.