Marguerite Sears

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

LMT, CNE, CHHP, AADP, Master of Nutrition Response Testing

Marguerite graduated from The New York College of Health Professionals in 1996 as a Licensed Massage Therapist. While studying massage therapy she was exposed to a whole new world of natural healthcare. After graduating and working with patient’s musculoskeletal systems she realized that they had greater needs to feel better and become healthier than a massage. It was at this time that she began attending seminars on nutrition. One seminar was for Nutrition Response Testing – this seminar was destined to change the course of her career.

Marguerite found her true passion for helping people and decided to become a Master of Nutrition Response Testing. This required multiple trips to Florida (a tough assignment but someone had to do it!)  She graduated from the Mastery program in March of 2008.

“I can now accurately determine WHY someone is having health challenges and WHAT needs to be done specifically for them and DESIGN a CLINICAL Nutrition Program for that person. It is very PERSONALIZED, WHICH IS KEY!”

Marguerite was also attending NIWH – National Institute of Whole Health, graduating in 2010 as a Certified Nutrition Educator. She attended the College of BioEnergetic Medicine in 2013 and became a member of The American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

In 2013, she joined the Elite Coaching Program of Health Centers of the Future under the direction of Dr. Daniel Pompa. Here she learned his advanced protocols of Cellular Healing and True Detoxification Methods of Heavy Metals (such as lead and mercury) to help those dealing with unseen toxic health challenges – their motto being “Heal the Cell and Get Well!”

Toxins are a huge unknown cause of underlying health issues and can lead to all kinds of symptoms and disease from fatigue to cancer.

This was very personal for Marguerite as well. Here’s her story…

“Growing up I was constantly tired and exhausted every day no matter how much sleep I would get. After school I would lay on the couch every day until dinner and sleep – even though I would sleep all night long – I had no idea it was a medical condition. All of this happened after I started getting my mercury fillings. 

I was on the brink of thyroid cancer but endocrinologists couldn’t identify the underlying issues as my bloodwork kept coming back normal. At this time I realized medical doctors have only one type of thyroid test and no other tools to identify or clear toxins.

After receiving nutritional response testing I discovered my thyroid was loaded with mercury from all my fillings as a child. All the toxins were stored in my thyroid creating mercury poisoning and the host of related ills that brings. 

I went onto a tailored, massive detox program and now have no issues with my thyroid and I don’t have to take any thyroid medication! I’m healthier and more vibrant than ever before!”

Being able to bring all these healing modalities together enables Marguerite to dig in with her patients and find the right approach to dealing with the many health challenges we face today. Before beginning this journey Marguerite had little awareness of how important proper nutrition is to maintaining health or just how nutrient-deficient most foods are.

While raising her family in the early years she had no awareness of how the SAD (Standard American Diet) is ruining people’s health. She now knows that without the foundation of a healthy diet there cannot be health.

Personal health challenges of extreme fatigue, poor digestion, reflux, thyroid goiter, weight gain, and giving birth to a stillborn baby finally aroused her attention to finding out why her body was leading to poor outcomes. Something needed to change, and she was willing to investigate and find answers.

Although her doctors claimed she was “healthy” with a few challenges, Marguerite now knew this was not normal and she wasn’t healthy. Her first job was to restore her own health and feel better. She discovered the key to holistic, healthy, vibrant living and studied everything she could get her hands on to help herself and others through this journey too. Now she has more energy than in her 20’s and looks and feels healthier than 20 years ago. Her purpose is to share this knowledge with others and help them improve their lives, too.