Dr. Laurie Briegel, D.C.


Hello, my name is Dr. Laurie Briegel, and I am a chiropractor. Many patients have asked me over the years, how did you get started in chiropractic? This is my story:

When I was a child, I had a lot of health problems, mainly sick with colds and tonsillitis and such. I missed a lot of school and my grades suffered. I also had problems with my feet being turned in (pigeon toed) and I had to wear corrective shoes and when that didn’t work the doctors recommended that we try corrective braces to straighten my feet and legs. None of the doctors that examined me ever looked at my hips or my spine, they insisted that the problem was with my legs.

When I was eighteen years old and in college, I met my future husband (Dr. Lou). He was studying to be a chiropractor and I was very interested in hearing about this kind of profession because I was interested in doing something in the allied health field, maybe microbiology or medical lab technology. I was thrilled to hear about the natural, drugless approach that chiropractic had to offer because I was personally sick of taking drugs that didn’t make me healthier and in most cases made me feel worse.

I had accidentally strained my back during an exercise class and that was when I knew that something was telling me that I needed chiropractic care. I found a principled doctor (one that only uses hands on chiropractic) and I went and got x-rays and my first adjustment. The doctor had me come to his office to explain the principles of chiropractic and to show me how my spine relates to my health and how subluxations can cause ill health. I was amazed to see my x-rays… I had a double rotatory scoliosis, which means a severe curvature of my spine. He told me that is why my posture was so bad and why my feet turned in.

After only a few adjustments I was amazed at the difference in the way I felt… more energy, no headaches, no nervous stomach, no menstral cramps. I had a better attitude both mentally and spiritually. Within about a month I noticed a dramatic difference in my posture and my feet are no longer turning in! All in all I felt that my life was changed due to releasing the nerve pressure in my body. I knew that my life was made better for a reason and that reason was so that I may in turn release the imprisoned splendor in others.