Dr. Kevin DeGroot

Ironman Certified Coach

Meet Kevin Degroot. As they were running toward the finish line, it hit me… this is it! this is why I love my job! When T-Zero Physio was first started, I was told over and over again how important it was to know the “why?” behind things to help push me to be my best and also help prevent burnout. I come from a PT background working in a very busy clinic that worked primarily with people who had surgeries. Although it was a great opportunity to learn and gain experience following grad school I felt like there was something missing. Due to insurance restrictions, we were forced to “discharge” clients at about 90% of where they were prior to surgery and in my opinion at about 75-80% of what they were really capable of. Each time I went through this experience I was left frustrated… first, because I wanted to help people NOT have surgery and secondly, because I wanted people to reach their true potential not what an insurance company is willing to pay for. In each of our stories we’re left with a critical moment and decision… mine came in 2016 when the feeling described above became too much to continue with the status quo. A moment that ultimately led to starting T-Zero Physio in January of 2017. What I realized was that the feeling that I was having was a feeling that many of my friends and clients were having as well. They were looking for someone else to believe that they were as capable as they felt and were still able to compete in sports and life. It was this decision that led me to working with some incredible people and ultimately the finishers shoot of the Boulder Ironman where several of our clients were greeted with, “You are an Ironman!” As I felt the emotion and pride of seeing my new friends accomplish something truly remarkable it hit me… this is it! This is why I love my job. It’s to help remove physical barriers for people so they can go on and do remarkable and inspiring things. It’s WHY we do things the way we do them at T-Zero and don’t compromise, because we believe that you’re right when you say and believe that you’re capable of and deserve the best.