Dr. Gena Bofshever Alon


“My mission is to motivate and inspire people to live life to its fullest potential.”

With a zest for life as vibrant as her personality, it is no wonder that Dr. Gena Bofshever Alon has become one of South Florida’s most sought-after Chiropractors. An accomplished name in the industry and a 2015 Opencare Patients Choice Winner with a powerful ability to connect with clients on all levels, Dr. Gena prides herself on helping clients commit to a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle. For more than thirteen years, she has utilized her passion for prenatal, pediatric, and family wellness care as a driving force behind her mission at her clinic, Dr. Gena Chiropractic, in Plantation, Florida, where she thrives on enhancing the lives of others through wellness care and a wonderfully positive attitude.

Born and raised on Long Island, New York, Dr. Gena felt a calling to health and wellness from a very early age. Following her graduation from the State University of New York at Binghamton with a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology, she worked as a fitness trainer at a well-known New York health club chain. While she enjoyed assisting clients in reaching physical fitness goals, Dr. Gena knew she had to find a way to heal her clients on a deeper, more meaningful level. After developing a love for chiropractic care through trusted family members already engaged in the practice, Dr. Gena set her sights on a career in the industry and enrolled in Life University to obtain a Doctorate in Chiropractic.

Through the course of her education, Dr. Gena discovered a love for working with pediatric clients as well as expectant mothers . She embarked on post-graduate training to build on her talents for working with young children through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). To date, Dr. Gena is now one of a select few chiropractors in South Florida certified in the Webster technique, restoring balance to the pelvis ahead of labor and birth. For the first three years following graduation from Life, Dr. Gena further developed her skills at a clinic in Pennsylvania, before moving to Florida to build a business of her own. While in practice in PA, Dr. Gena learned first-hand how to apply the practices of chiropractic care at a high-volume family practice.

Now comfortably practicing in a state-of-the-art location, her patients include expecting mothers, newborn babies, children, and an impressive list of wellness clients of all ages. Regardless of age or need, one constant remains the same – Dr. Gena’s adoration and commitment to the individuals and families she serves on a daily basis. Though she tells each patient she sees, “Your health is in your hands, my hands are here to help,” she doesn’t stop there. Dr. Gena enthusiastically educates clients on the Five Pillars for Optimal Health, a holistic view on living that she not only preaches, but practices as well.  Starting each visit with a positive affirmation and ending with a hug, every client bears witness to Dr. Gena’s absolute-allegiance to their well-being, a practice that no doubt makes her a family favorite, with a radiant spirit to boot.

As part of her dedication to a life lived holistically, Dr. Gena firmly believes in paying it forward. She regularly engages in community activities to bring awareness to wellness beliefs and gives of her time to multiple charities . She participated in a mission trip to the Dominican Republic with a group of hundreds of Chiropractors, to provide care to women and children in underprivileged areas. Through her work with the Boys and Girls Club, Dr. Gena was nominated for the 100 Outstanding Women of Broward County award. Additionally, she volunteers for Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and the PACE Center for Girls.  She was also a committed planner and participant with Deliver the Dream, which raises money for the families of people with disabilities to be able to engage in fun, stress-relieving health retreats. Dr. Gena rounds out a lifestyle that nourishes her soul as a past board member of numerous groups, including Femfessionals, Suits, Stilletos and Lipstick and The Plantation Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Gena resides in Weston with her husband Bobby, baby boys Dylan and Kai and lab-mix dog Coco.