Dr. Fred Birnbaum

Health Coach

I became interested in spirituality through Yoga during college years and became a student of Classic Yoga as taught at the SKY Foundation under the guidance of Dr.Vijayendra Pratap and a member of the Yoga Research Society, doing some research and presenting papers at the annual conference. I met a number of well-known Yoga teachers during this time, such as Swami Rama, Swami Satchitananda, Yogi Bhajan, healers like Olga Worrell and others. Because of my long-term studies in Judaism and mystical experience, I was drawn to Kabbalah and later found my calling in Kabbalistic Healing, becoming certified by Jinen Jason Schulman after the 4 year course and have since continued in the advanced study group for the next 5 years. My combination of Western medicine learning and the opening of my transformative approach to healing affords the person I work with a unique opportunity to grow and heal themselves. These healing techniques can be received over the phone or in-person. You can read more about this approach at societyofsouls.com. I also teach meditative techniques – relaxation, sensory withdrawal, concentration, mantra, pranayama and am skilled with newbies and more advanced techniques and what comes up with more advanced practice.