Dr. Erinne Guthrie

Health Coach

Erinne Guthrie specializes in helping triathletes get faster and stronger, transforming their lives with her unique blend of triathlon based training and holistic lifestyle principles, which has led to amazing results for thousands of athletes she has worked with across the globe. She is the Founder and Chief Motivating Officer at Full Circle Coaching, LLC – a Holistic Lifestyle and Triathlon Coaching Company since 2009. After personally racing over 200 races for 22+ years and 100’s of podiums as well as training her athletes to success, she knows exactly what it takes to become a champion across any finish line you dream of. After suffering from setbacks involved with over training, poor nutrition and injury, she is determined to educate the world that there is a better way to live an active lifestyle and remain balanced in life and sport to avoid illness, injury and burnout. Her passion for this lifestyle is evident in everything she does including giving back to the triathlon community with free clinics, great social media content and racing with physically challenged athletes and kids. As a native Floridian and lover of everything ocean you can find her in the sea with her daughter and sisters in the Bahamas or Hawaii surfing and free diving. Always an adventure lover, her next big challenge is riding her bike 3000 miles across the United States as part of a 4-person team to raise awareness and $250,000.00 for 4KIDS. She requests that you ask yourself everyday how you can be of service in the world and see what opportunities present themselves! Are you up for the challenge? Education/Certifications Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach, 1999 USA Triathlon Level II Coach, 2001 Paul CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Level III, 2009 ACSM-Health Fitness Instructor, 1995 USA Cycling Federation Cycling Coach, 1999 PR/First Aid/AED/ First Responder Metabolic Efficiency Specialist