Dr. Dorothy Wells, AP, DACM


Dr. Dorothy Wells, AP, DACM
Acupuncture Physician, Chinese Herbalist, Functional Medicine Doctor

Life is full of challenges, both good and bad. Over time, these challenges register as stress that can siphon away our natural health and energy. I am passionate about helping women take back this enormous supply of natural energy by removing obstacles to health. Surprisingly for many people, these obstacles can be hidden gut inflammation, hormonal issues and lowered immunity.

Years ago, I suffered from severe chronic migraines. As a busy young mother, I didn’t have time to be sick! Conventional medical treatment was helpful in ruling out a serious condition, but beyond that, pharmaceutical prescriptions just made me feel worse. This led me to explore many interesting healing modalities to try to find relief, and I realized that true healing is a journey.

Fast forward to finally feeling better after a lot of hard work. I wanted to do things with my family, take trips again, have fun, and learn how I could help other women feel better!

Specializing in Women’s Health
My entry into the healing profession was the study of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. This tradition, dating back thousands of years, is an elegant healing system. Recognizing that each patient has a unique constitution, Chinese medicine works to find the root imbalances while treating the “branches” or symptoms.

With this foundation grounded in tradition, I decided to learn some other modern ways of looking at the body from a similar “treat the patient as an individual and find the root cause” mentality. This led me to study functional medicine.

There are many approaches to health, so never stop trying if you are faced with any health challenge. I am constantly impressed by the capacity of the body to heal itself when given the right circumstances, and how spirit and attitude make a profound difference in health.

What I love most about my job is getting to meet amazing people and being a part of their health journey. The cool thing about both Chinese medicine and Functional medicine is that even tiny or weird details about your health and your lifestyle can turn out to be important pieces of the puzzle. It just takes patience and a willingness to listen and look more deeply.

Becoming Dr. Dorothy Wells – My Education & Experience
My educational background includes a doctorate from Pacific College of Health and Science in San Diego (Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine—DACM), where my studies focused on integrative medicine. Prior to becoming a licensed acupuncture physician (AP) in Florida, I earned an MS in Oriental Medicine, a BS in Health Sciences, and a BA in Humanities.

I have a special interest in women’s health, and I became board-certified as a reproductive acupuncturist by the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM). I became a certified functional medicine practitioner after studying at the Kalish Institute.

After many years of successfully treating patients in my acupuncture practice in Miami Beach, I moved back to my hometown of Gainesville, Florida, where I founded Being Well Medicine. I’m enjoying life here with my family and Astro, my miniature pinscher.

I’m excited to be able to expand my practice to telemedicine so that I can help more women in Gainesville and throughout the state of Florida. It’s easy to contact me, either through my website or just pick up the phone and give me a call. I would love to connect with you and be a part of your health journey.


Dr. Dorothy Wells