Dr. Darrien Jamar Drummond


It’s my preschool graduation. There I am, hidden under a glossy, royal blue cap and gown. Crowded by antsy four-year-olds. The room is silenced, the program is about to begin: “I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky. I think about it every night and day. I spread my wings & fly away.” Singing, but really I’m shouting: proclaiming, blind to what it will actually take to live out those lyrics. Squeezing through the crowd back to my family, my aunt is the first to speak, “D.J. you were the loudest one up there!” I smile. Our lives evolve around what we choose to believe. I’m still not sure when it happened exactly, but one day I abandoned the idea that I was created to fly. Wandering, I ran into limiting beliefs. I realize today that our destiny is similar to a jealous lover, it pushes you to leave behind anything out of alignment with who you truly are inside. Given this permission, it becomes our responsibility to seek out and live our naked truth. Why? Because our life’s calling is not simply a destiny issue, it’s a health issue. When we starve that voice inside of us, the one that says we can fly—we rob ourselves from living in the fullness of purpose, love, and wholeness. Today, it has become my duty to lead others to see themselves clearly, to empower YOU to spread your wings and touch the sky.