Dr. Coy Roskosky


My Story
It all started when I met my wife, a physical therapist at the local ice rink…

I was just starting to learn how to ice dance at my local ice rink when my coach introduced me to her. We started to date and one day she asked whether I would you like to go with her to her chiropractic appointment. I didn’t even know what a chiropractor was! I watched the chiropractor treat her, and he showed me what was happening to her body as he continued to apply techniques. I eventually asked him if he could also treat my low back pain, which I had suffered from since age of 14, from a football injury. At age 24, could chiropractic help me after so long? 8 visits was all it took, and my back pain was gone! I was so amazed that it inspired me to look into chiropractic as a profession. I applied to school in 1997 and in 2001 I graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic and have not looked back.

The chiropractor who treated me was a very holistic chiropractor who used an integrated-approach. It was obvious this was the most effective approach, so I modeled my own practice the same way. I went to numerous seminars during chiropractic school to harness the techniques and approaches he used. Along the way I became my own version of him.

My wife was also very influential. She has always been a manual physical therapist, and very holistic in her approach. When I observed her work on patients she never just looked where their pain was. She would treat the painful area if needed but she mostly wanted get to the root cause of their pain, and fix it. I have also had many other experiences that have influenced the way I practice chiropractic.

I was privileged to be a part of multiple chiropractic missions to El Salvador, sometimes helping people who had never had any form of healthcare. I have also worked with sports teams, as well as the ‘weekend athlete’ and have treated every pain and dysfunction of the human body.

I’ve had people who could barely walk and after one treatment, stand up and walk out. I even had one gentleman in El Salvador who had been deaf for 10 years, and after one visit his hearing returned. I’ve had miracles happen with my patients because of treatments I gave them! It is such a wonderful feeling! The body is amazing! The mind is amazing!

During chiropractic school I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. It really gave me more clarity how the mind, nutrition, stress, exercise, age and how all health issues are affected on globally.

That’s why my philosophy is, do the basics! Get rest, keep stress low, balance work/life, exercise… There are so many basic things that a person can do that will help the body heal. You just have to give it a chance. That’s why I want to help patients with their pain, but also with their life. We can change it! It’s never to late to start!

I also have a daughter who is an Interior Designer at a major architectural firm, she is awesome! We have two Boston Terriers, that are so fun, and add an extra dimension to our lives. I also play ice hockey, on 2 teams. And yes, ice hockey is the best sport ever! I play guitar and love music. Everyone should go to concerts every year, it makes you feel young. The rest of the time I spend trying to take care of myself with proper sleep, exercise, and relaxing enjoying my family, and when time, watching my favorite TV programs.