Dr. Colleen Kachele


“3 simple adjustments and my excuse for not doing the dishes was gone forever.” “The chronic back pain I experienced in high school created the perfect excuse when it came to avoiding doing the dreaded dishes after dinner”, said Dr. Colleen Kachele.

Unfortunately, my “get out of doing the dishes free card” wasn’t just effecting that part of my life. The constant back pain made it difficult for me to do the things that I loved. I enjoyed playing sports, but my game began to suffer. I was playing no where near what I knew I was capable of. Sleeping was no longer my favorite high school pastime. My nights were no longer dream-filled and restful. I was waking up in the morning with chronic pain, which would cloud my mood and outlook for the rest of the day. Luckily, my parents were proactive and forward thinking and took my pain seriously. They brought me to our local chiropractor, Dr. Bill Schroeder.

Dr. Schroeder immediately made me feel at ease, as he discussed my situation with me. He took x-rays, assessed my condition and developed a course of action which would change my life forever. With the first adjustment there was relief and by the third adjustment, I felt like a new person. I was able to fully appreciate my favorite pastime once again. Sleep was a joy! I saw an immediate improvement in my basketball game, as did may coach. That Spring, my softball game was better too! Of course, the downside was once again, there were dishes to be done.