Dr. Becky Laird


Why Choose Dr. Laird?
Dr. Laird strives to create a healing environment that is both relaxing and inviting, within the realm of a professional healthcare office. Her special gift is to work within your comfort zone, so that you feel safe and informed during your care.Dr. Laird’s practice is designed to provide quality, individualized, in-depth care.

High Referrals
95% of Dr. Laird’s client base comes from referrals by other healthcare practitioners, and most importantly by her many satisfied clients.

Dr Laird’s training is tailored to provide more complete healing with the use of extremity adjusting, cranial/sacral, soft tissue/tension release techniques and global holistic adjusting protocols as well as rehabilitation plans.

Leading Edge
Life Source Healing Center uses scientifically sound, leading edge laboratory tests to evaluate nutritional imbalances. These imbalances may contribute to many of the chronic health issues facing our country today. Dr. Laird uses a wide range of nutritional products available only to licensed healthcare providers due to their specificity and potency.