Dr. Antonika Chanel

Lifestyle Coach

Dr. Antonika Chanel Lac DACM Prof is a board certified Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor and Classical Naturopath with more than a decade of experience treating patients all over the world. A USCG Veteran, Author, speaker, and consultant; Antonika is committed to the influencing and establishing Integrative Medicine practices in every home.

She is a wealth of knowledge which she has gained from years of mentorship with over 25 leaders in the field of Integrative Medicine. She’s hosted hundreds of seminars and treated hundreds of patients from around the world.  

Dr. Antonika is the Founder of ChiC Wellness, Integrative concierge medical ministry practice that specialize in treating digestive issues, allergies, chronic pain, autoimmune disease and more. Dr. Antonika helps Individuals, regenerate, reclaim their health independence, fuel their body efficiently, so their lives can grow into to the next level of transformation.

She has treated hundreds of patients from around the world on private yachts, private estates and world-class cruise ships. Here experience come from years of practice and over 25 leaders in the field of Chinese medicine alone. She is self-taught in nutrition by leaders such as Dr. Zach Bush MD, Gerson Therapy Institute, and the like. She has helped many clients restore their health from chronic health issues and lifestyle health challenges.

At ChiC Wellness, she understand that you’re more than just a patient with a list of symptoms. You’re a whole person, with unique needs and desires.

“Our holistic approach to medicine means that we treat the whole you, not just your illness. We believe that when you’re in balance emotionally, physically, and spiritually, you’re better equipped to pursue your life’s passion without limitations.” Says, Dr. Antonika

My mission is to bring a greater awareness about the power of the ancient wisdom, art and science of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to teach people that there is a better and more sustainable way to reach the best version of themselves.  

I inspire and lead others using accountability practices that allow others to take greater responsibility for their health and wellness.  I want everyone to be a willing participant in the lifestyle changes that is necessary to reach optimal health.