Dr. Anthony Faro, D.C.


Dr. Faro holds a Bachelors Degree in Biological Sciences from the University of New York at Albany. He completed his Masters of Science Degree in Sports Health/Exercise Physiology, and his Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine graduating Summa Cum Laude from Life University in Atlanta. Dr. Faro has also completed studies in Naturopathic Medicine at the I. W. Lane College of Integrative Medicine in Orlando. He was also awarded a fellowship in acupuncture from the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture.

Dr Faro has been practicing chiropractic medicine since 1989 and established the Alternative Care Wellness Center in Lake Wales, Florida in 1993. Over the years he has continued to study and research the concept of natural healing, following the basic tenets of the chiropractic philosophy.

The chiropractic perspective on health and disease emphasizes two fundamental concepts:

1. The structure and condition of the body influences how the body functions and its ability to heal itself; and
2.The mind-body relationship is instrumental in maintaining health and in the healing processes.

Chiropractic philosophy believes in a patient’s recuperative abilities, and that dynamics exist between lifestyle, environment and health. It also includes the recognition that it is necessary to understand the root causes of an illness in order to eliminate it—not just treat the symptoms.

As a result of his wealth of experience and research, Dr Faro has developed a practice which includes, non-invasive diagnostic testing, nutritional analysis, and natural supplements, along with chiropractic therapies to provide safe, scientific, and effective natural treatment for his patients.

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Dr. Faro is an honor graduate of Lake Wales High School. He attended Polk Community College under the College Early Entry Program and graduated with his Associates degree in 1984. He completed his undergraduate education at The University of New York at Albany, Regents College, where he earned his Bachelors Degree in Biological Sciences. He completed his Masters of Science Degree in Sports Health/Exercise Physiology and his Doctorate and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Life University in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Faro has also completed studies in Naturopathic Medicine at the I. W. Lane College of Integrative Medicine in Orlando Florida.

Dr. Faro was appointed to the Clinical Faculty at Life University, school of Chiropractic in 1990. In this capacity Dr. Faro supervised Chiropractic Interns and monitored patient evaluations, treatment recommendations and care plans. During his tenure he supervised approximately 12, 000 intern encounters with patients.

Dr. Faro also served as Life University’s Chiropractic Team Physician for Intercollegiate Athletics. While serving in this capacity he provided injury management and chiropractic treatments for University and visiting Athletes as well as NBA and LPGA Athletes.

Dr. Faro has completed numerous post graduate courses including specialty studies in Biomechanics, Whiplash & Brain Traumatology, and Injury Management and Diagnosis. In 2001 Dr. Faro was awarded a fellowship in acupuncture from the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture.

Dr. Faro has participated in motor vehicle crash research and including crash testing at the Center for Research for Automobile Safety and Health in San Diego, CA. He is certified in Rear End Motor Vehicle Collision Analysis.

He is a member of the American Nutraceutical Association, The United States Sports Chiropractic Federation, The Institute of Functional Medicine and the Florida Chiropractic Association.