Dr. Amy Cutter


Amy Cutter, LMT is a Licensed Massage Therapist with a private practice focusing on artists, musicians, and athletes in Walden, NY. For 25 years, she has combined innovations like laser phototherapy, ART and Shiatsu with massage to create a truly niche practice which allows her to address, release and rehabilitate bodies, minds and voices–the physical, mental and spiritual Triune of Health.

The first 13 years of her professional career were spent with an award winning Chiropractic center under the leadership of Dr. Carol Ann Malizia. This practice had a strong philosophical base, focused on whole food nutrition, acupuncture, and laser phototherapy — the first of its kind in the community. Partnering in care, they shared clients in support of each other’s purpose and worked together to educate the community on both Western and Eastern modalities, building a truly holistic facility in the Hudson Valley.

Amy originally purchased her first laser in 2006 to begin working on animals. After successfully treating her own animals with laser and chiropractitioning on her small farm, she expanded her business to help other animals — and later humans.

Ms. Cutter also taught the core curriculum for Massage Therapy at Orange County Community College from 2003-2007. She also played a vital role in the legislative battles for massage in NY State as the Law and Legislation Chairperson for the American Massage Therapy Association.

Amy recently opened a second practice in NYC treating clients with vocal challenges. Amy has a rich musical background that allows her to quickly assess and address vocal issues in her clients. After high school, she attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) on Broadway. She also sang and recorded with a local pop-rock band and participated in collaborative projects with local artists. Amy now works with musicians at the New York School of Music and in her private office in Walden, NY.

Amy used her combined background in music, massage and laser to develop the protocols found in her new eBook, De-Flame Your Brain. They were refined over the course of several years through consistent testing on her loyal clients, which led to tremendous successes and countless changed lives.