Doris Eggens

Holistic Women's Health & Wellness Coach

DORIS EGGENS Certified Nutrition and Weight Loss Coach​ Growing up in Austria has given me the foundation of a very healthy and happy lifestyle. I continued on this path when I moved to the United States in the 1980’s and have since passed this kind of lifestyle on to my husband of over 20 years and my two beautiful daughters. I don’t have a story of hitting rock bottom with my health, there is no disease that has caused me personally pain, but a long list of family members death and alive, with everything from cancer to heart disease and anything in-between have given me the ammunition to make it my mission to help as many as possible to living their purpose with a roadmap to health and happiness. I have devoted the last decade to deepening my knowledge on everything that included all forms of Alternative Medicine, Ayurveda, Nutrition & Nutritional Healing, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine to name a few. I draw from this education and my personal experience creating the most personal nutritional roadmap for my clients. It takes time to truly find your nutritional roadmap, what really works for you, but with persistence and passion you too can have a gorgeous vibrant life. I share my philosophy and love for food, health, nutrition through my blog and on facebook. I support you through my private consultations, workshops and public appearances. PS: Curious on working with me, but have questions? Check out my list of the most frequently asked questions with answers here. If you still have questions after reading this email me at