Doreen Skonier

Health Coach

Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, Doreen Skonier is a recent graduate of the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy where she demonstrated her abilities that happen to transfer over from her previous career in Information Technology which include: being client center focused, building rapport with the clients, and instilling confidence in them so they feel empowered to overcome their obstacles, and addressing the root cause of a chronic condition. A native to Cleveland, Ohio, she attended Kent State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies where her coursework did include areas of psychology between the years 1989-1994. Over the years, she has always demonstrated on investigating and getting to the root cause of problems. Doreen herself had been diagnosed 13 years ago with Type 2 diabetes due to an extremely busy lifestyle and has managed to reverse her condition through a complete lifestyle change where her energy has become noticeably restored as well as restoring her physical mobility through being taught neurokinetic therapy where her pain from minor surgery went from severe to no pain. The reason for her deciding to get into this field is to share her knowledge with others who might be struggling with the same issues that she faced prior to discovering a better treatment plan than the typical blood glucose meter and taking medications that can have moderate to severe side effects. She values the holistic approach to treatment which includes meditation, physical movement, healthy nutrition that fits the individual, providing support for the client by surrounding them in a positive community environment.