Don Berlyn

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Don’s mission is to give people the tools they need, to achieve the life they want. He believes that each of us already has everything we need to succeed. The goal is to discover how to use the power of the mind. His purpose is to have the people he helps, teach the techniques they learn, to others, improving their lives as well. Before becoming a Physical Therapist, he spent many years working with folks who had mental, sensory and/or physical disabilities. ​ Don graduated from the Northern Arizona University Physical Therapy program in 1986. He has primarily focused on treating patients with orthopedic, sports and pain issues. He uses manual therapy, exercise, ergonomic analysis and patient education as his main techniques to assist his patients in regaining their function and reduce pain. In the late 90’s he became increasingly interested in the role of the mind in health. Searching for a way to help his patients overcome or have control over pain he discovered hypnosis then The Hypnotherapy Academy of America in Sante Fe, NM, becoming a Clinical Hypnotherapist in July 2007. Although initially focusing on pain and medical issues, his practice quickly expanded to include a very broad range of issues. For the first several years, his hypnotherapy practice was limited to in-person sessions, it now incorporates online, phone and group sessions. Hypnotherapy now includes coaching. Online classes for Mastering Stress and Anxiety will begin in September of 2020. Don enjoys being in nature, humor, road trips, reading, meditation, physical activities and yoga.