Diane Pryzmus

Health Coach

My Beliefs Limited My Potential Wherever you are in your bodywork practice, chances are I can relate. For ten years, my bodywork practice was more of a hobby than a business. I know too well what it’s like to struggle to find clients and to feel overwhelmed by how MUCH time you spend (or avoid spending) on the business and marketing aspects of your practice. Initially like many bodywork therapists, my fascination with the mind-body connection and holistic healing drew me into the field – not a desire to be an entrepreneur! In fact, I worked another job to prevent money from “contaminating” the integrity of my work. It didn’t take long before I realized how money serves to keep the client-practitioner relationship healthy and clear. Also, when clients consciously invest in their health, it increases the power and value of the session. My Epiphany Even with this major breakthrough, I still seriously doubted whether I could support myself with my practice alone. I had some dedicated regular clients but my schedule was unpredictable. It wasn’t until I attempted to practice Shiatsu in Italy that I woke up and realized the incredible possibilities that I had taken for granted. In contrast to the bureaucratic barriers overseas, it was clear that I had overlooked the ease with which I could build a practice in the U.S. I also hadn’t recognized this opportunity because I had filled my time doing many other types of work besides the one that I most loved to do. This question arose, why am I spreading myself thin doing work that isn’t my passion or the best use of my gifts? Beyond Fear to Total Commitment I returned to the U.S. in 2010 with excitement and a clear vision for opening a practice combining coaching and bodywork where people could transform deeper sources of stress and tension. I fully committed to building a successful business and transformed my mindsets and habits to support this. I let go of my writing job and declined a full-time job offer in order to create my ideal transformational bodywork practice. Manifesting Everything I Envisioned Within one year of opening my practice in a small town, I had completely manifested my vision! I was seeing clients 20 hours a week who appreciated working with me holistically on issues of emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. For five years, my schedule was consistently booked and usually booked two weeks out. For the first time, I felt really secure. It was amazing to actually trust my practice! It wasn’t long before I began coaching other practitioners to create thriving practices. I created the 5 Elements to Success System, an easy step-by-step system to attract and serve a consistent flow of ideal clients and have been thrilled to see immediate results in my client’s businesses. I love helping passionate practitioners do what they love and get paid well for it!