Denise Hougland LMT

Reiki Master

Denise is a licensed massage therapist with specialties in Reiki, Reflexology and is a Master Toe Soul Coach. She is a graduate of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, where she studied under some of the valley’s best body workers. Denise has found through working with clients that Reflexology is as beneficial and effective for some, as a full body massage, working the body through holograms in the feet. Sometimes we don’t know just what we need, so Denise offers a variety of massage, reflexology, and auriculotherapy to assist her clients with natural healing. Some of her specialties are relaxing Swedish, detoxing Lymphatic Drainage, essential cellular Raindrop, muscle releasing Therapeutic, invigorating deep Gua Sha, gentle Oncology and Ayurvedic Kansa Wand Massage. Using her intuition and listening to the client’s body, it is not uncommon to receive a combination of these modalities. She also enhances her work with essential oils, tuning forks and energy. Denise is a natural born nurturer and wishes her clients to receive what is best for their greatest good. You may contact her personally here