Dawn Serra

Sex Educator

Hi! I’m a therapeutic sex and relationship coach. I believe that we heal in relationship. My job is to create a space where you can explore the kind of healing you want to invite in without having to do it alone. I’m all about doing this work from a place of playfulness, curiosity, empathy, and imperfection. I can never be an expert in your life and I know you don’t exist in a vacuum. The world around you, the family you grew up in, the traumas you’ve survived, the oppression you’ve experienced have all had an impact on who you are and how you show up in the world. My biggest hope is to help you tap into the wisdom and truth that you already possess and to leverage it with more presence and purpose. You’re pretty magnificent! My pronouns are she/her. I am a white, fat, cis, queer, survivor, and I’ve been doing this work for quite a long time. I did not get here alone and naming who has influenced me and informed my practice is super important. You can find that in the longer version down below along with more about my personal story, my values, and why I do this work.