Danielle Urtnowski-Zimbicki

Exercise Physiologist

Hi, I am Danielle Urtnowski-Zimbicki, Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer, and retired Navy Reservist Corpsman. I hold a Bachelor’s of Science in Alternative Medicine with an emphasis in nutrition. Presently, I am completing a dual Masters from Concordia University in Human Movement & Sports Nutrition. I hold several exercise certifications from accredited affiliations such as AFAA, Yoga Fit, ISSA, & Functional Patterns just to name a few. Throughout all my years of successful training I have coached over 300,000 people & developed my own complete transformation plan for women to feel Simply Irresistible in all facets of their lives’. There are a few components that I rely on so women can feel Simply Irresistible: Hormones Neuro-plasticity Movement Nutrition Together, you and I will design a personalized plan to achieve your specific goals based on your challenges and desired outcome. We can dig deeper by using advanced protocols such as blood labs to explore hormonal imbalances, bio-mechanics to evaluate your movements & dysfunction, and traditional holistic sciences including Iridology.