Cynthia Saint Cyr

Health Coach

Hi, I’m Cynthia Saint Cyr Cynthia Saint CyrI am an adult Nurse Practitioner, Health Coach, Hypnotherapist, Intuitive and Sound Healer, and Meditation/Mindfulness Coach. I earned my BSN and MSN from La Salle University. I have continued my training through the Institute of integrative nutrition, the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, the School of Applied Functional Medicine and hypnotherapy through the New England Clinical Hypnosis Society. My goal is to use all of this training to optimize my client’s well being and health. Each of us is unique and therefore may require an individualized treatment plan . I use a whole health approach which starts with a detailed and comprehensive health history. From there we develop a wellness plan that includes dietary, lifestyle interventions as well as supplements as appropriate. I want to hear your story. I believe that one of the things lacking in conventional medicine is the opportunity for client’s to tell their story, and to be really heard. This is hard to do in a busy practice! My own health experience, particularly within the last several years has made my desire to do medicine differently stronger and more urgent. I was in a severe car accident several years ago which resulted in physical injuries as well as a traumatic brain injury. My experience of moving through the health care system when I was in such a vulnerable state was eye opening! Sure there were some really awesome providers but I was shocked by how my symptoms and concerns and their impact on my life was discounted or straight up denied. Being in pain and struggling to maintain your job and lifestyle is so difficult and terrifying. Dealing with any issue that impacts your cognition is frightening. I decided that I would train even further in functional medicine and cognitive health so that I would be able to provide my clients with the support that I did not receive but desperately needed. My practice is called Full Spectrum Healing. I believe that health and wellness include not only physical or cognitive health, but also emotional, mental and spiritual health. I offer varied services all focused on optimizing my clients health and well-being on all levels.