Courtney DeMatteo

Life Coach

Experience and circumstance used to rule my life before I knew the power I hold in my own two hands. Through many of what most people would label as “negative experiences” I found the path of empowerment I now walk today. I have been able to send forgiveness to the abusive, angry, and cruel people who have colored my life. I have healed relationships that I once thought impossible to heal. I have found a powerful voice in myself I never knew existed. I am living the life created by my own imagination and loving every minute of it! But all of this is possible because I’ve been where you are and I reached out for help. My journey led me to want to share everything I have learned with my fellow brothers and sisters living in this magnificent world with me. It was a Life Coach who brought me from the brink of despair to a flourishing and loving light being. She inspired me to find my own path of coaching and healing that I now share with you. I received my coaching certification from the Life Mastery Institute, led by highly respected coach, Mary Morrissey. Through this program I learned how to guide my clients through paradigm shifting exercises that bring immediate change to their lives. As a certified DreamBuilder coach, I have a proven program that effects change on all levels of your life in a real, tangible, and highly successful way.