Claudia M. Gallegos

Life Mentor

Argentine by birth and citizen of the world by self-proclamation, Claudia is what one would call a modern renaissance woman that has learned to evolve, adapt, and reinvent herself. With a degree in French-Spanish translation and a minor in education, Claudia spent her youth working as a translator. Over the years, her entrepreneurial spirit guided her to creating several businesses, including a TV production studio, a technology import/export company, lighting and interior design firm and clothing design and manufacturing collective. Claudia is a dedicated student of the universe, the mind, psychoanalysis, soul and spiritual evolution, all the while, she maintained and nurtured a growing curiosity in spirituality and self-development. She learned how to translate her experience from the outside, to work on her inside, to now guide others on the amazing journey of self-discovery. Currently, Claudia Gallegos continues her path of self-actualization in a variety of ways, continuously refining her ideas, keeping herself flexible and young in mind, spirit, and body. She is a teacher, public speaker and writes articles. Education •French Translator and Interpreter with a minor in education. •Trained with Silva Method of Mental Control. •Received Refuge with Lama Ole, founder of the Diamond Way, Karma Kagyu Lineage. •Graduate 200-hr Yoga Teacher’s Training •Studied Universal Yoga with Andrey Lappa, founder of Universal Yoga. •Studied Vedic Thai Yoga Massage with Michael -Mukti- Buck. •Certified Akashic Records and Past Lives Consultant, ARCI. •Certified Yoga Nidra Teacher, Evolutionary Education with Nick Altas, Ph.D.