Christy Warnick

Spiritual, Intuitive and Energy Healer

Everything is energy and anything is possible. These are the words that guide my practice everyday. Through my work with sessions, consultations, workshops, presentations and online tools, I hold a focused intention with the Divine that helps and empowers others to transform and heal their lives. Born with empathic abilities, I have been slowly guided toward spiritual pursuits my entire life. But the path that led me here wasn’t always easy. Being able to physically and emotionally feel what others were feeling could be overwhelming at times, and it led to emotional issues early on in life that turned into more serious health conditions. So before I was able to fully do this work in a more unlimited way, I have discovered more of who I truly am and how to observe instead of absorb others’ energies in order to heal myself. My journey taught me that extra-sensory gifts and abilities are Divine gifts, and they were never intended to cause suffering. In reconnecting with my true self, I discovered that I could access my gifts from a place of knowing, channeling Divine Intelligence through intuition. In this way, I can help facilitate others’ healing and awareness without compromising my own wellbeing. In turn, I am able to model a process that others can use as they interact with the world around them in a healthier, more beneficial way. I am trained as a Lightworker, Certified Lightwave Practitioner, Reiki Master, Certified Angel Alchemist, Certified Holo-Synchronous Energetic Technology Systems Practitioner and much more. But after many years of sessions, coaching, teaching and counseling, I have learned that the single most important part of this work goes back to my own innate ability to listen on a very deep level. In my sessions, I hold a focused intention on miracles and allow myself to be a facilitator and vessel for my clients’ highest and best good. My connection with Divine Intelligence gives me a communication channel into relaying the information or energy that is most beneficial to that person, or group of people, at that moment in time. My path to healing has taught me many things. But perhaps the most important lesson I’ve learned is that we don’t have to struggle. When we allow ourselves to be open to Divine love and intelligence, we are unlimited.