Christine Semple Wellness

Health Coach

I’m Christine, a professional Wellness Coach providing life coaching, nutrition & wellness coaching, & fitness programs. I work both virtually and in person where possible. A few years back……… From the outside, it appeared I was successfully living a responsible and happy life, checking off all of the boxes that society told me I had to but on the inside, I was stuck, lost, and alone in a crowd. I was self medicating with alcohol and my emotional and physical health were not a priority in my life. I connected my self-worth to what others thought of my looks, my body and my actions. I put so much pressure on being ‘perfect’ that I wasn’t enjoying life and knew I deserved more. I course corrected and began a personal journey of healing, learning, self compassion and self awareness on my own terms. Today, my purpose and passion is sharing my knowledge, lessons and experiences with you as a coach, partner and guide.