Christine Frackelton


I am a doula because I am driven to make the world healthier and more infused with the fruits of the spirit. Seeing that families are well cared for during the childbearing cycle helps me to achieve these goals for both the next generation and the new parents I have little to add to the volumes that have been written about the physiological process of birth, as well as breastfeeding. Scientific evidence shows that, under most circumstances, these natural processes lead towards optimal health outcomes. When a pregnant couple decides to hire me to support their goal for a vaginal or an unmedicated vaginal birth, I am enthused to be working towards making the world healthier. Making the world more peaceful, joyful, kind, gentle, faithful, and full of grace, however, is what shifts the otherwise black and white view physiological birth into my lens full of color. This requires a tap into the divine — something pregnant people already have done, by opening their bodies to the handiwork of our Creator. I love witnessing the expecting parents lean into their creative power. When they make space to go within themselves and be transformed by the mysteries and challenges of pregnancy and birth, they have the power to re-write history the way it ought to go. Sometimes, even, they rewrite our cultural story of birth to include more orgasmic birth experiences! Always, though, I have this hope: that by expressing love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control to the new parents — during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum — these parents will express the same fruits of the spirit to their newborn child. This work is my passion, and for that reason, I can not resist the urge to continually learn and grow in my art of doula-ing.