Celeste King

Health Coach

Celeste received her Masters in Oriental Medicine from AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine and is accredited through NCCAOM. Celeste has certifications in Zen Shiatsu Japanese Bodywork, Medical Qigong and Reiki. To enhance her Acupuncture practice, she extended her graduate studies to include Character Geneology which utilizes ancient acupuncture point prescription for psycho-emotional balancing and spiritual treatments. She completed extensive work with Pediatric Tuina which encompasses Acupressure for the treatment of childhood diseases. She has treated her own children with pediatric tuina and herbal therapy since their births. It is natural for them to willingly take their herbs. Celeste also used Acupuncture and Herbs to induce the birth of her last child, who was born 12 minutes after labor began. During her young adulthood, Celeste traveled the world on a spiritual journey. Her path led her to Oriental Medicine. As a clinic intern at AOMA Celeste loved helping people improve their health. She saw first-hand how traditional Chinese medicine could change a patient’s quality of life. She enjoyed the gratification of establishing bonding relationships with her patients. Through Chinese Medicine, Celeste found her purpose and passion in life. She had found a personal way to give something wonderful to the community. Celeste had always dreamed of having a family, but she had been diagnosed with infertility in her early thirties. During her graduate work she had been treated by a Chinese medicine doctor at AOMA for miscarriage and Endometriosis which is a painful reproductive system ailment that can cause infertility. Celeste painfully decided to let go of having a family and focused on building her career, but she continued to treat herself to regulate her body with acupuncture and herbs while attending AOMA. Three months after graduation at forty years old, Celeste and her husband received the news they were pregnant with their first of three children. Celeste understands the emotional involvement a couple has when trying to build a family. Through her own experience with infertility and the successes that Chinese Medicine has brought into her own family life, Celeste hopes to extend her hand in service to other “Moms to be” for the miracles waiting to be born into their lives.