Cathleen Winter

Health Coach

My passion for wellness started at a young age. I enjoyed playing outdoors and sports for leisure, learning to cook from my family elders, and gardening with my dad and grandmother. Learning about nutrition and medical science solidified my ambition to pursue a career in the health science profession. Along the way, my idea of helping others through nutritional and dietary support has shifted in many ways. From home care visits, to hospital rounds, to working for large healthcare corporations, I have been able to witness a variety of lifestyle situations and come up with solutions to best fit their needs. Growing alongside my own family provided some of the most eye opening views on the importance of a healthy lifestyle. I have seen the negative impacts of illness in my older family members subside once their health plan had been altered to best fit their needs. I have seen the miracle of motherhood change the dietary course of many friends and family members and have aided them in getting back on track with their health. From developing food sensitivities to needing lifestyle management for chronic pain, I have lived and learned through the experiences of those around me to develop what is now my holistic approach to using food not just to fuel, but to heal. I am grateful for the many opportunities I have had to put my passion into practice as a clinical dietitian nutrition therapist and health coach for the past 35 years. Empowering others to focus on wellness and live a quality life is rewarding. ​ Wellness Within, LLC was created to follow my love and passion for promoting wellness. The company provides an integrative approach for health and wellness life solutions.