Catherine Ho


I am a fourth-generation acupuncturist and have a great deal of experience treating headaches and migraines, low back pain, hip pain, and insomnia. I also practice NAET, a noninvasive and painless allergy desensitization technique.

As a further note, I have a very gentle touch when inserting and removing needles. The majority of my patients are comfortable enough to fall asleep on the table. I do not subscribe to the style of “every point must have sensation” and to that end, do not manipulate the needles until your entire body is buzzing or uncomfortable. Acupuncture is not something you should suffer through, after all.

Furthermore, as an NAET practitioner, I have an additional modality that complements acupuncture beautifully, as most stubborn conditions tend to have some sort of underlying allergy to them. If you’ve gone to many doctors and received little or no beneficial effect, then NAET/acupuncture combinations may be right for you.

Languages Spoken English

School American Institute of Alternative Medicine

Degree Master’s Level