Cassie Therrien

Health Coach

My Story…
In 2014 I fractured my spine…
You could say my career as a wellness professional got off to a rough start. The year I began studying for my first certification, I broke a vertebra during a cliff diving accident and subsequently spent 9 weeks in a back brace, half of which was also spent in a wheelchair.
I spent this time terrified of paralysis and losing my ability to maintain the active lifestyle that I’d come to love. I became desperate to prevent this and dove into the study of the spine, injury recovery, and pain prevention. By the time I finished my education I had become something of an expert in spine health, a specialty I’ve continued to develop over the last 7 years.

Less than 1 year after getting out of my back brace I went on to win my first bodybuilding competition and compete in my first powerlifting meet. So I can confidently say, injury does not have to be how your story ends!

My Why…
I was never the athlete growing up…
Sure I dabbled in activities here and there but I was more the band kid than the jock. In fact my first year and a half of college was spent in and out of the E.R. a few times a year as a result of failing kidneys from poor choices in my health. I began adopting small habits and making small changes. Throughout this, I focused specifically on enjoying the process and continuing to enjoy my life as it had always been.

Not only did these changes allow me to press the reset button on my health, the sense of strength I gained gave me to confidence to remove myself from harmful situations and an abusive relationship.

That’s when I made the choice to pursue my career in wellness. I do this to help people find their strength, fall in love with their own bodies, and prioritize self-care without sacrificing what they love. Taking care of yourself and loving the life you live should complement each other not feel like you have to choose between them.

Lifestyle Change | Repairing Your Relationship With Food | Nutrition | Bodybuilding | Powerlifting | Aesthetic Conditioning

My Credentials
ACE Certified Personal Trainer | ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist | Precision Nutrition Certified |Kettlebell Lvl 1 & 2 | Functional Movement Screen | Lvl 1 & 2 |
Trigger Point Certified | Pre/Post Natal Certified | ViPR Certified | Animal Flow Certified | Power Plate Certified