Carrie Thrall

Stress Management Coach

Transformation starts with a choice. I had that choice come up for me about 9 years into my career as a clinical social worker. I remember that moment when I realized I needed to change; really, I needed to transform. Imagine it with me… There I was, sitting in my office, staring at my computer around 9:00 pm (I was “off” work at 4:30 pm) asking myself, what am I doing here? Somewhere along the way, I had lost sight of my path. I was doing “everything” to meet some hidden expectations and feeling like my purpose was missing. In that moment, I had no idea what to do or where to turn. Can you relate? That moment when a large area of life just does not seem to fit right any longer? That is burnout! I was buried in burnout and in that moment, I began my transformation. Here is what I did: Took time to gain perspective (check out the video to hear more about that!) Began to explore my options Hired a coach to help me find my own answers Sought out training and certifications Started my own business, ABC Coaching, LLC! Look’s easy, right? It was not easy and there were many doubts and uncertainties to overcome along the way. The support I received was invaluable and now, I want to be the support helping you through this process.