Carol Wilson

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

I am passionate about helping others reclaim their health so they can live the life they want, without limitation. With the right support, your body can come into greater balance and you can experience more energy and vibrancy in your health than you ever thought possible. My goal is to educate and work with each of my clients to implement simple, healthy solutions that make a lasting impact on health. We work together to discover the root causes of why you are not feeling well and then create a plan for incremental changes that will work in your life. I believe in the saying “little hinges swing big doors.” It is the small changes we make every day that can create a huge improvement in our health and well-being. I will teach you how to nourish your body with the right foods, supplements, and lifestyle choices to achieve and support optimal health. When you give your body what it needs to thrive, it has an amazing capacity to heal itself. My coaching is aimed at helping you take steps to find what works for your body to create healthy digestion and metabolism, hormonal balance, calmer, clearer moods, and boundless energy so you can feel your best physically and emotionally. I have discovered that each person has a unique path to wellness based on their individual history, physiology and lifestyle. No single method works for everyone because we are all wonderfully unique. I will guide you in taking the steps that best support your personal health and happiness. Together, we will focus on making gradual, sustainable changes that will enable you to live a happy, healthy life. I look forward to talking with you to learn more about your journey and how I may best support you!