Bridget Lanza


​Bridget knew from an early age that she wanted to go into the helping and healing profession. She juggled between nursing, psychology, addictions counseling, teaching, you name it- until she fell upon acupuncture during college.

While attending Towson University, she suffered a tailbone injury. After 8 weeks of constant, stabbing pain, she tried acupuncture on a whim. And figured, why not? Her pain certainly could not get any worse! After her first session she noticed some relief. She was able to sit down for about 15 minutes before experiencing any pain after her first treatment. Having made some progress, she went back for a second session, and *knock on wood*, hasn’t had any pain in her tailbone since!! She couldn’t wait to share this amazing experience with all of her friends, family, (& eventual future patients)!

She has continued treatment thereafter to help not only with physical symptoms, and also mental, emotional, and spiritual as well. She grew to love it so much, that she not only wanted to receive treatment, but to also be able to provide treatment and practice this medicine herself! So, after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech and Language Pathology & Audiology from Towson University, she then went on to pursue her Master’s Degree in Acupuncture Maryland University of Integrative Health, formally Tai Sophia. She couldn’t wait to be able to share it with the world & hasn’t ever looked back since!