Brenda Sistrom

Embodiment Mentoring

A licensed healthcare practitioner, I trained as a massage therapist and have over a decade of bodywork experience. My interest is in working in ways that touch into our natural wholeness of being–with the body’s innate capacity to reorganize and re-regulate itself for better function. My practice is about helping you make that connection with your deep physical self and learning how to come into relationship with your body. This is where healing begins. I have also been able to intertwine the spiritual practices of recovery from substance abuse with physiological techniques that work with the nervous system, reprogramming the body’s actions so that it responds in healthier, more balanced ways. Addiction traumatizes our bodies, as well as our minds and spirits. Yet addressing physical issues is often shortchanged in addiction treatment. I’ve found a path back to my whole self, and I want to share what I’ve learned in my journey. I’m not here to “fix” anything. True change requires your conscious and willing participation. I’m available as a teacher, guide, a mentor and partner to help you learn about your own capacity for change, for realignment, for healing. As we work together, you will begin to find a new relationship with your body–the “house” you live in. You will begin to learn how you own it and are responsible for it. Hopefully, you will begin to love it, respond to its language and signals and, as your interactions come from a deeper listening, understanding, and care your house will become an interactive dwelling that shelters and holds your beautiful self.