Betsy Walker

Holistic Health Guide

To answer this question, it’s best that I share with you a defining moment and a resulting 14+ year journey. That journey brought me where I am today – coaching people just like you on exactly what to do to live life pain-free, release stress, and have rock solid health and youthful energy. Through my coaching, you will learn to take ownership of your body and to be captain of your ship! WOULDN’T IT BE GREAT TO DETERMINE YOUR COURSE AND DESTINATION RATHER THAN ALLOWING THE WINDS TO DETERMINE YOUR FATE? My defining moment took shape at a very low point in my own life and health. It all started in 2006 when I was the mom of a 3 yr. old and a newborn baby. After the birth of my daughter 11 years ago, I felt compelled to begin something new- I began losing my identity and getting depressed. I was desperate to stay sane and still be a great mom! A deep fire from within and higher calling motivated me. As a result, I started teaching Pilates after having great success in resolving my own debilitating back pain. I am still pain-free and have avoided surgery since 1993! I immediately loved the feeling that teaching Pilates gave me – it helped me develop a sense of myself and my life’s purpose. I WAS PASSIONATE ABOUT TEACHING AND COACHING PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU TO GET OUT OF PAIN AND BE HEALTHY! I FOUND MYSELF ENERGIZED AND EMPOWERED TO DO MORE AND BE MORE. I discovered I was fascinated by the human body and had a hunger for knowledge about health and movement. Thus, over the past 14+ years, while teaching, I have pursued more and more education, integrated it into my life, and taught it. This passion organically grew my own wellness practice, serving those who came to me in need. Another epiphany came to me in 2013 when I was sick all the time. I tried elimination diets, had multiple medical tests, allergy shots and was taking antibiotics for recurrent infections and losing weight to dangerous levels. I knew something was wrong and I had to take action, fearing I would end up with some life-threatening disease and not be able to take care of my kids. This was also at a point in my life that I lost a close friend to breast cancer and I resolved I would do everything in my power to defy my own family’s legacy of breast cancer. In addition to my staple of mindful movement, I started looking at the food I ate, de-stressing my life, removing harmful thought patterns and used aromatherapy and energy work to help me improve my health. I began to use essential oils, detoxed my life and, to my amazement, was able to go drug-free shortly after!