Beth Antell

Fitness Professional

My Personal Training Journey I began what would eventually become my fitness career during my senior year of college when I registered for aerobics to fulfill a required gym credit. My body suffered from the impact of all of the jumping, so I intuitively modified the movements. The instructor noticed, brought me to the front of the class and told others to follow me if they also needed to modify. Who knew low-impact aerobics would actually become “a thing” so many years later! After graduating, I moved to NYC to pursue a career in international marketing. In exchange for gym membership, I got a part time job teaching aerobics and step classes. I quickly realized I was good at it and loved it! I became so interested in exercise and movement that I enrolled in Anatomy and Nutrition courses at NYU just to learn more. My passion for my part-time job overtook my desire to climb the corporate ladder. In 1994, I became a certified personal trainer and moved to DC to pursue a master’s degree in Health Promotion at American University. ​ Now more than two decades later, I remain fiercely committed to this fitness journey, learning and growing as the industry evolves. Experiencing my own injuries, I sought to learn more about rehab/recovery and spent several years working at a physical therapy clinic. I love working with clients who are pre- or post-rehab, managing their injuries right up to surgery or helping them get stronger to eliminate the need altogether. I understand and empathisize with the recovery process, both physically and mentally, from my own personal experience. My path to becoming a trainer has been anything but direct, but I have learned that patience and hard work, mixed with a lot of fun, can work wonders on the body and the mind!