Ashley VenHuizen

Wellness Coach

Hello amazing humans! I’m Ashley Venhuizen, aka Coach Ash vZen. Born & raised in Stockton, Illinois, I have been coaching movement and sports for seventeen years. I am the owner and founder of the brand vZen. vZen is state of being and away of life! My coaching offerings include: ​ Fitness Classes Core Glute Training HIIT Training Functional Flow Classes Nourishment Guided Meditations vZen Wellness Program Barbell/Strength Program Gymnastics Program I believe that through movement, meditation/gratitude, nourishment, and sleep/recovery, you can become your happiest, healthiest, most thriving self! My Why What inspires me? Here’s my why. I know and understand what it feels like to feel dark, unhappy, depressed, and anxious to the point that you wish yourself out of existence. I had a traumatic event lead to a spiritual awakening. Knowing the truth about life and feeling happy, healthy feelings most of the time, led me on the path that I am currently on. And that path is to share my story, the truth about life, and to help heal others. We all deserve to be happy and healthy, and we all deserve the truth. ​ Owning my own gym, developing the vZen brand, working at Thriving Thistle Wellness Center, and coaching on all different levels & platforms allows me to help, guide, and love humans into their own truth and purpose. I coach classes (CrossFit, Functional Flow, vZen Core Glute, vZen Home HIIT, and the vZen Wellness Program. I also create healthy food options at Thriving Thistle Bistro. My main focus on all platforms is to connect your fitness, food, and frame of mind. ​ I truly believe that we are all here to use our gifts for our highest good. I believe that we all have a special purpose. No matter where you are on your path, you can always level up. Connecting with others, having an open heart & mind, meditating, breathing, moving, and feeding your body healthy nourishment are all ways to help you do just that. The choice is always yours. Love yourself more! – Coach Ashley Venhuizen