Ashlee Badgett


My mission is of service-to teach people the tools they need for rapid transformation. Everyone deserves to live with positive emotions, habits that enhance their life, and the structure of self-control. I became a Hypnotherapist because after years of struggling with depression, low self-esteem, and lack of direction in life I was tired of being a prisoner of my own mind. I tried everything from yoga, daily exercise, fasting, herbal mood enhancers, talk therapy, and more to find happiness. Although those things worked in their own way, nothing gave me the lasting results I was looking for until I found therapeutic hypnosis. I was in my 20’s when I had the opportunity to try hypnosis through a CD to change my negative habitual thinking and behavior to overcome depression. In my mind I had nothing to loose because I had tried everything else. To my surprise, hypnosis was the therapy I had always needed. A holistic approach that got to the core of my issues and dissolved those beliefs that were keeping me from being emotionally free. I trained to be a Hypnotherapist so I could assist men and women in having radical transformation. After practicing Hypnotherapy for about 2 years I realized that Habits ARE AT THE CORE of every life change, and generally once you master changing 1 habit, it creates a domino effect creating more self-mastery in the key aspects of your life. I use the modalities learned in my Hypnotherapy certification program to help you replace unwanted habits, with habits you love! Use Hypnotherapy and Habit Coaching is truly transformative. You can and will feel the difference!