Anna Vakil PhD CCH

Certified Metabolic Balance® Coach

My Journey to Holistic Healing Anna Vakil PhD CCH Several years ago, my life was turned upside down by hormones-gone-crazy and I was recommended for major surgery. Determined to avoid surgery, I looked to an old friend for assistance—homeopathy, which I was already familiar with since for more than 15 years I had been using it successfully to keep my children healthy. Thanks to homeopathy, I was able to escape the knife. Later, when presented with the opportunity to start a second career, empowering others and helping them solve health problems while avoiding drugs and surgery was a natural choice. Since then, I became board-certified in homeopathy and from 2013 I have been seeing clients in my own health and wellness practice. In 2016, I became a certified coach of the personalized nutrition program metabolic balance® so I could offer help to those clients who need to attain and keep a healthy body weight. Because of my own experience with hormonal imbalance, I have taken more than 15 endocrine-system continuing education courses from Karen Allen CCH, a leading homeopath and teacher specializing for many years in resolving endocrine, fertility and hormone problems using homeopathic medicines. While I continue to help clients with a broad range of health issues, this is now the main focus of my practice. In my first career, I was an educator and researcher while working as a university professor of urban planning and public policy. Now, several years later, I use my teaching skills to walk alongside every client on their personal journey toward health. I also draw on the research and analytical skills I learned while completing a PhD at the University of Michigan to get at the root causes of health issues so we can identify lasting solutions, not just temporary fixes. Currently, I serve on the board as Vice-President of the Accreditation Commission for Homeopathic Education in North America and have also been teaching the required research methods course at the American Medical College of Homeopathy. I love the challenge of solving the unique health puzzle of each and every client. How can I help YOU?