Angela Gaffney

Certified Health Coach

ANGELA GAFFNEY, CHC, is the President of Essential Health & Wellness, a firm focused on building healthy communities and organizations. Angela is an international wellness speaker, consultant, and author. She writes for many publications on health and worksite wellness including USA Today, The Huffington Post, Careers in Government, Prostatepedia, Yoga+Life Magazine, and more. She and her team have supported clients for the past 8 years through inspirational keynotes, corporate consulting, educational worksite wellness programs, and private coaching. Prior to starting Essential Health and Wellness, Angela worked for Johnson and Johnson in sales, training, and management and went on to serve the medical community as the Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Distance Learning Network. She relates well to the busy executive, traveling often and balancing the demands of work with quality family time. Angela’s personal story feeds her passion for this work. Like most of us do, she thought life would go on no matter what. She was engrossed in her work, caring for her family of four, and living life to the fullest. Convenience foods and diet coke kept her going until her energy tank ran dry each night. She’d wake up and repeat the next day, never realizing along the way that a much bigger story was brewing. And after a two-year struggle with a failing body, Angela was told to go home and prepare for a progressive disease to take her life. Angela had been succeeding, but with great sacrifice. And didn’t even realize it. But that’s not the end of the story . . . If there’s one thing you’ll quickly realize about this dynamic, big-hearted keynote speaker it’s that she rarely takes no for an answer; giving up on life was not an option. Angela is the catalyst for healthy transformation! After devoting intense time, education and energy into regaining her own health, she’s helped thousands of others lose weight, boost energy, rid the body of pain and regain a zest for life. Angela is the best-selling author of Feel Good, Look Good, For Life. In addition, she has published two cookbooks: The Daily Essentials Cookbook Collection: Breakfast and The Daily Essentials Cookbook Collection: Lunch. Angela inspires others in health everywhere she goes; hosting community retreats, working with organizations to help them achieve health as they excel in business, and guiding others in achieving their goals through private coaching. As a college-athlete, Angela received her BBA and BA from Saginaw Valley State University. Her education continued in whole food nutrition and life fulfillment at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she became a Certified Health Coach. Outside of speaking, consulting and writing about health, Angela’s other passions include enjoying the great outdoors with her family, traveling to new places, and being a creative cook in the kitchen. Clients will tell you that Angela is a game-changer; she offers a new perspective on health, genuinely connects with every audience she serves and focuses on real-world tools and strategies. The combination of her personal story and expertise invites clients to comfortably explore their current challenges, identify strategies to support them in achieving their goals and create a plan to execute. Happy clients include, Marriott International, United Airlines, PCMA, Nosco, GE, East West Resorts, Bronson Healthcare Group, and more. You’ll hear Angela say, “health is not about perfection, but rather progression.” Whether it’s a powerful keynote, corporate consulting, or individual wellness, Angela and her team are here to support you in this health journey; one step at a time.