Andrea Mouser

Massage Therapist

My first experience receiving bodywork came in the form of Rolfing, as a means by which I was able to feel relief from chronic pain after years of sitting at a desk, phone to ear and fingers on keyboard. My interest in bodywork was piqued, and led to my dedication to becoming a certified massage therapist so I could help others find relief, as I had, through bodywork. It is a decision I have never regretted. Pain is a teacher in so many aspects, often leading us to that next chapter in our journey. . I received my certification as a massage therapist in 1990 from the Colorado School of Healing Arts. As part of my deep commitment to providing effective massage/bodywork, I take courses on a continuing basis to expand my knowledge and skills. . Having had experience with pain and exploring avenues to find relief, it is no surprise many of my clients present themselves looking for the same. I specialize in the release of chronic pain using modalities such as lymph drainage massage, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, myofascial release, total body balance and integrative massage. . Touch is an amazing experience and in our often virtual worlds, many do not receive enough. I provide nurturing touch in a safe environment. I take my work seriously and strive to provide you with an experience that will benefit you in a whole person way. . I am an advanced practitioner and have my own practice, Aquatic Fire Healing Arts, located in Lakewood, Colorado. . If you wanted to know more about me as a person, I would say, I love being in water, exploring, painting and enjoy cooking with whatever ingredients happen to be in my kitchen at the time! I enjoy a wonderfully supportive family who encourage me to share my skills and talent, and friends who further enrich my life.