Amy Bondar

Nutritional Therapist

For nearly two decades, Amy Bondar has been inspiring, educating, and guiding her clients and audiences to realize the significant impact that body, mind, and soul nourishment has on achieving optimum wellness. Amy began her career as a Social Worker with a special interest in Eating Disorders. She was fascinated by the psychology behind why people struggle with food and weight. After helping to create one of Calgary’s first Eating Disorder programs, she decided she wanted to share her own love for health and nutrition with others in a more uplifting way and became a Nutritional Therapist and, over time, a Certified Eating Psychology Coach. Whether you work with Amy in one-on one consultation, journey through her programs, receive beautiful essential oil treatments, read her book and articles, or attend her workshops, classes or lectures, you will journey with Amy to know yourself in a whole new conscious way. Her mission is for every client to find their sacred, loving and meaningful connection to food, life, body and self—and you will discover how to live your most vibrant, energetic and fulfilling life.