Amanda Gervais

Health Coach

I am a Registered Health and Nutrition Counsellor (RHNC ). I had my formal education through Nutraphoria School of Holistic Nutrition ​​ I am registered with the Health Coach Alliance (HCA). As a member of HCA, I am required to cover continuing education as part of their certified status since new information is constantly being discovered in the world of nutrition and health. Which, in turn I get to share all the new information I learn with you! ​ Using a habit based approach my mission is to help you to be healthier. I believe in making positive, long term changes to your diet and lifestyle, which in turn will make a difference to your physical and mental health. It’s all about finding the right balance and what works for you, everyone is unique. ​ I will educate and inspire you not only on nutrient-dense foods but also on the whole body and how it is all connected. This can include sleep, stress, energy, exercise and much more. I am not a fan of dieting or restricting yourself. When you tell yourself you can’t have something guess what? You want it even more! Your health is not just a temporary fix but a lifestyle change that will have you felling your best everyday. I can coach you to make beneficial changes to your diet and lifestyle that last and give optimal results. Aligning your personal goals with my nutritional expertise, we will work together to develop not only an eating plan but a lifestyle plan that is practical to your individual health needs. ​ It is easy to get overwhelmed with all of the different information floating around about health and wellness. Together, we can create a personalized plan that is realistic and achievable for you. I will help you transform daily practices to health habits. ​