Allen T. Stanley

Massage Therapist

In 2013, I lived in Virginia and had anterior neck surgery. During the surgery I had a stroke and ended up with many somatic/central nervous system disorders. After moving to Florida I met with many doctors and was transferred from the VA Clinic to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. This is where I was introduced to alternatives to natural medical needs along with Medical Massage Therapy / MPS Neurostim and Young Living Essential Oils & Supplements. After many sessions of different pain management modalities and doctor’s approval I was able to resume my normal life. “I didn’t want to see others suffer from what I went through” This lead me into a passion of helping others by use of Medical Massage Therapy and providing education on how they could do self care with Young Living Essential Oils and Supplements, by using all objective data on with medical massage protocols can work for their own medical needs. After going to WTC (2016-2017), Florida (only two schools in the US offering Medical Massage). My ongoing education from SOMI Medical Massage in Phoenix. AZ. , and with Dr. Ross we are here to provide treatments through Neuromuscular / Connective tissue protocols.