Alana Helapitage

Mindful Abundance Educator

“We teach what we need to learn and we write what we need to know.” – Gloria Steinem Just weeks from college graduation, I sat in my mentor’s office with my head in my hands. The chronic fatigue, depression, and borderline anorexia that resulted from putting myself last had brought me to my knees. “Alana, what would you do if your future daughter treated herself the way you’re treating yourself now?” My mentor’s question made me realize that I could only teach my future child to love herself if I learned to do it first. In that moment, I began my search for answers to the question: “how can I best love myself?” As someone who has always adored language, the written and spoken word felt like a natural starting point. I filled journals with all the ways I was slowly but surely learning to prioritize my own well-being, and I spent countless hours discussing self-love and self-care with mentors across the globe. I had also been meditating in my yoga classes several times a week from age 16. My meditation practice was critical in helping me reduce stress, build nourishing beliefs, and lead a life aligned with who I really was. Now in my early 30’s, I’m free of chronic fatigue, depression, and disordered eating habits. My life is brimming with people and opportunities that feed me on every level. And, I’m the proud stepmother of little Rosie, a child for whom self-love is second nature. It was from the self-discoveries I made through writing, meaningful dialogue, and meditation that I was inspired to launch the A Shared Path blog in 2014. The blog was my way of sharing what I’d learned about self-love, self-care, and leading a life worth living. In 2016, I evolved the blog into a writing and editing business designed to convert clients for people across industries who were also helping others find fulfillment. Today, I’ve expanded my offerings to include customized self-healing programs combining writing and meditation to help individuals, families, and organizations thrive on their terms.