Adrienne Kraig

Health Coach

I have fallen in and out of health many times throughout my life. Before my most recent transformation, I was living a life filled with anxiety, chronic stress and anger which led to binge eating. My home and work environments had become toxic for me. I was using food to push down my emotions and avoid realities I needed to face. Realities that I had ignored for far too long.

I no longer recognized the woman I had become. I lost the part of myself that took risks despite the fear, the part that loved adventure, learning, growing as a person, and meeting new people. I spent so much time focusing on everyone else’s needs and taking care of them, I forgot that it was just as important to take care of myself.

After I turned 40, my body started going through changes I didn’t understand. My metabolism came to a screeching halt. I gained 35 pounds in four years! I developed a severe pain in my hip joint that caused my leg to give out from underneath me without warning. This went on for a long time, but I powered through as I always did.

One morning, I almost fell on the floor while trying to get out of bed. That was the day I knew I needed to ask for help! I was referred to a physical therapist to work on strengthening my hip joint, but I knew my body was rejecting the added weight and I needed to act fast. I also knew if I didn’t get my weight under control, 35 pounds could quickly turn into 50 or even 100 pounds.

On my journey to a healthy body, I tried different weight loss plans that were restrictive, got results in the short term, but were not sustainable. Prior to getting serious about my health, I lost weight but regained it and sometimes more. One weight loss “expert” made a comment that “people will eat cardboard to lose weight.”

As someone who loves food, I knew this was not true! I still wanted to eat real food that tasted good.

I also resented that my body was changing as I aged, and I could no longer tolerate some of the foods that I loved. I began experimenting with more whole grain and plant-based foods which nourished my body and mind.

I made meal prep an adventure instead of a chore! I began to lose weight, increase my physical activity, and watched my self-confidence and mood begin to improve.

To become successful in losing weight and maintaining a healthy body, I had to re-learn to make self-care a priority, heal my emotional wounds which were causing self-doubt and unhealthy eating habits driven by painful feelings and emotions.

An important lesson I learned is that no matter what their size is, if a person doesn’t heal their emotional wounds and change their mindset, they will not be happy with themselves.

My mission is to share what I have learned in my personal journey to make the transformation easier for other women who are committed to improving their health and well-being. I educate women on how to create nourishing habits so they can enjoy a healthy body, create awareness around their triggers for emotional eating and self-sabotage, and develop strategies to overcome those barriers so they can create body confidence ON their healthy body journey.

I specialize in working with women because I understand the behaviors and beliefs that lead us to ignore our health and self-care, that create weight gain and lost body confidence, which impacts all other areas of our lives. I know how to break through obstacles by ditching the traditional mindset of judgement, deprivation, and resentment for a mindset of courage, curiosity, and accountability.

I want all women to carve out the healthy life they deserve!